Black & Decker Power Monitor

You can save as much as 20-percent a month with the new Power Monitor from the Black & Decker Energy Saver Series.

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that the average home spends more than $1,900.00 per year on energy bills. With rising energy prices, many people are looking for ways to manage home energy consumption and lower monthly bills.

The Power Monitor helps consumers know more, use less and save money, by making it easier than ever to track and control electricity expenditures in a home. The product provides consumers with the information to cut down on power consumption with little effort, making spending less on energy an achievable, measurable reality.

Black and Deckerís Energy Saver Series include the Power Monitor, Thermal Leak Detector and Lights Out™Autoswitch, with additional products planned for release in 2009.

The Power Monitor lets you actively and intelligently control your electricity consumption, so even the small changes can add up to big savings. This easy-to-use device tells a homeowner, in real-time, how much electricity they use, and the cost in dollars and cents.

Using the Power Monitor couldnít be simpler. A wireless sensor attaches on the electricity meter outside a home Ė no wiring or electrician required. This sensor monitors the rate electricity is consumed, and transmits this information to the handheld display monitor inside your home.

Program basic information into your Power Monitor from your electric bill regarding the cost-per-kilowatt-hour and your billing plan (flat rate, peak/off-peak, or tiered) and press the sync button and immediately receive information on: how much electricity us being used in real-time (in KW or $/hr); month to date costs, estimated bill at the end of the month and outside temperature (or temperature wherever the sensor is).

Armed with this information, homeowners can quickly see how much energy they use and when. As they turn major appliances and groups of lights on and off, they can see the minute-by-minute changes in their consumption. The Power Monitorís appliance feature even isolates the cost of each individual appliance as it is turned on.

The Power Monitor has an MSRP of $99.99 and comes with a 2-year warranty. It is available through, Target and other mass-market retailers.