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Home Inspections

A Personalized Approach

We encourage you to be on the home inspection so that the inspector can point out what is found and assist you with any questions that may arise. We also show you how the house operates.

Most people buying a house use all or most of their money for the purchase, not leaving much money to go into repairs. So whether you are handy or not, we will show you how to repair many of the items we find as we proceed through the inspection. The home inspection report that details our findings, will be provided to you the same day.

We also inspect new construction homes. Numerous problems are found in new construction including roofing, plumbing and structural problems. We itemize, with our clients, a checklist of items including workmanship problems to give to the builder.

What We Inspect:

  • Roof – if physically possible (i.e., snow covered)

  • Construction, Remodeling & Single Systems/Single Item Inspections

  • Investigative and Troubleshooting Inspections

  • Insulation

  • Plumbing system:

  • Type of plumbing and it's condition

  • Water pressure in the house (checked by functional flow)

  • Hot water tank

  • All plumbing fixtures

  • Heating systems: For both Furnaces and Boiler Inspections we inspect: The heat exchanger in the furnace, proper operation, age of the unit, and any needed repairs. 

  • Air conditioning (exterior temperatures must be at least 65 degrees to check without damaging the system)

  • We verify that there is a heat source in each room

  • Electrical system: the type of wiring, condition of wiring, adequacy of the system, Illegal, improper, unsafe & homeowner wiring

  • The structure

  • The foundation

  • If there is leaking in the basement

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