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Jessica's Education & Credentials


* Licensed Home Inspector through American Home Inspector Training

* Mold Certified, recognized by the ICC (International Code Council) through InterNachi

*Approved Ventilation Inspector through Air Vent 2017

* Over 300 Residential Inspections since 2015

Experience: 2006-2016
* Oversaw construction of and responsible for mechanical repairs, building maintenance, and equipment repair for a commercial 62-stall equine facility in the Chicago area

* Mechanical Repairs On: HVAC, Boilers, Propane Unit Heaters, Air Conditioning Condensers

* Building Maintenance On: Roof Repairs, Commercial Fire System Maintenance

* Equipment Repairs On: Diesel Tractors, Small Engine Repair, Gas Vehicles, Farm Implements


Continuing Education Courses Completed

* Old Home Inspections

* Foundations

* Deck Inspections

* Air Conditioning and Heat Pump

* Hazardous Vermiculite Insulation

* Inspection and Development of Modern Plumbing

* Moisture Intrusion of Exterior Claddings

*Approved Ventilation Inspector through Air Vent 2017

* Chimney Inspections and Safety @ The Chimney Institute

* Concrete Raising and Stabilization

* Industrial Hygiene & Fire and Smoke Investigations

* Infrared Science and Techniques

* Garage Door Safety

* Furnace Inspections & Defects

* Crawl Spaces & Floor Structure Defects

Certifications and Licenses

 * Licensed Builder- State of Michigan

 * Certified "Inspector by Review" -American Society of Home Inspectors


Why Home Inspection?
My extensive background in various and wide ranging repair work has taught me a methodical approach to problem solving. I have found this to serve me well in the inspection field, because, while not composed of moving parts, a home is composed of parts that were designed to work together. I enjoy utilizing my mechanical knowledge and education in the building sciences to help my clients be completely informed about the condition of their dream home.

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Jessica Was Featured In the ASHI National Publication "The Reporter" 

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