If you have a big driveway, patio or walk that is not broken and cracked, but has just sunk or is uneven, check the yellow pages for concrete repairing companies. Settled concrete can be mud-jacked back into place. They drill holes in the concrete and pump slurry into the holes, which raises and levels the uneven concrete slab. This is a lot more inexpensive than having to replace the concrete.

Updated: May 25, 2021

Be Safe ... Not Sorry

Sump pumps should be cleaned and inspected annually. Make sure there are no tree roots growing into the crock or sump. Remove any debris. Verify the discharge line is not obstructed or broken and that the check valve (1 way valve) is working properly and not leaking. Finally, make sure there is a secure and child resistant cover over the sump.

If your house has a sump pump you should install an alternate energy back-up pump. (Battery or water pressure types are available.) If your primary pump fails or the power goes out, your basement, crawl space or lower level could flood. An alternate energy back-up pump could prevent flooding and/or damage.

Thinking about painting your block basement walls? Don’t even think about using regular house paint unless the words scraping, scrubbing, wire brushing and removing paint sound like fun to you.

If you want to paint the walls, they should be clean and dry first. Then use masonry paint

specifically designed for basement or masonry walls.

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