Updated: Feb 19, 2020

There are some home inspectors who believe their client is the one who refers business

to them, i.e., the real estate agent, and because some don’t want to lose referrals, they may feel they have to downplay a problem or gloss over defects. Some agents have been known to see home inspectors as adversaries. Certainly, a great many agents do look out for the client’s best interests. They realize that a solid, professional home inspection will give the buyer peace of mind and increase a real estate agent’s credibility.

Sellers will paint over rotten wood, use furniture and boxes to conceal foundation problems, disguise basement leaks with wet paint, and cover burned or torn carpeting with a throw rug. Kitchen counter burn marks get covered with sponges, saucers, plants and other objects.

Since the home inspector is a guest in the home, he is not allowed to start moving furniture, boxes or crates. This is one reason many home inspectors insist that the buyer, or buyer’s representative, accompany them on the home inspection if at all possible. The main reason is so the client can learn about their next house and how it works.

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Why do you need a home inspection?

Who else in the neighborhood is looking out for your interest? Is the real estate agent, (who gets paid only if you buy the house) able to be totally objective?

Often, sellers are unaware of defects needing repair in their own homes. The home inspector should impartially and objectively evaluate the following: roof, condition, structure, plumbing, water pressure and hot water tank, foundation, basement leaks, electrical system, insulation and boiler/furnace (and whether or not it’s leaking carbon monoxide). While the home inspector can’t determine if the heat is evenly distributed or adequate, his report will indicate whether any rooms lack a heat source (yes, it happens).

Just remember that even if the home inspector finds a lot of things in disrepair, almost everything can be fixed.

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