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Fall Tips for Winterizing

~ Technihouse Tips ~

Here are some Fall tips of what you need to know, and do, to get things around your house ready for winter.

  • Visually look at your roof for overhanging tree limbs and cut them back within three feet of your roof. The weight of ice or snow could cause them to sag and damage the shingles

  • Check for any loose or missing shingles

  • Make sure the chimney screen is secure to keep out birds, squirrels and raccoons

  • Clean out all gutters and secure any that are loose and sagging

  • Install storm windows

  • Check and replace gas and oil in the snow blower

  • Replace the snow blowers spark plug

  • Grease the snow blowers auger

  • Spray a non-stick solution (such as Pam cooking spray) on the snow shovels to keep the snow from sticking

  • Turn off the water to exterior hose bibbs from inside your house

  • Disconnect all garden hoses from all hose bibbs

  • Drain all gas from the lawn mower

  • Close any crawl space vents

  • Have the lawn sprinkler system winterized

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