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Protection From Lightening

In large metropolitan communities, a complete lightening protection system (L.P.S.) usually is not needed.

These lightening protection systems incorporate a tall metal object at the peak of your roof. It is attached to numerous, heavy-duty metal cables that terminate into the earth. They are usually found in rural areas where houses or barns are the tallest buildings. The L.P.S. must be installed by a licensed and certified professional.

I use a whole house surge protector to protect my house. It is usually installed at your meter or circuit breaker panel and must also be installed by a licensed electrician. Having one installed at my house gives me a degree of confidence that in the event of an electrical strike, it won’t fry my computers, televisions, refrigerator or other electrical devices in my house.

That being said, you can and should use portable surge protectors, which are available at home, hardware, electronics stores and on the internet. All portable surge protectors are not the same or the same quality, so check out their reviews online.

In the meantime, if an electrical storm is in the area, unplug and disconnect televisions, computers and any expensive electronic devices (that might even include your newer expensive refrigerator).

Electrical storms cause surges and brown-outs that cost Americans millions of dollars annually. Remember this: if you hear thunder, lightening that is even up to ten miles away, can cause damage and still be dangerous.

Finally, It’s a good idea to check with your insurance company to see if you have coverage for a lightening fire or equipment damage.

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