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It's Time For Fall Home Maintenance

With fall just around the corner, now is the time to get busy on the following items you can take care of around your house to get your home ready for winter.

  1. Using binoculars, check for damaged, loose or missing shingles on your roof.

  2. Examine the chimney flashing to make sure there are no leaks. (The flashing is the metal that prevents leakage around chimney and walls where they meet the roofing shingles.)

  3. Examine the flashing around skylights and roof stacks to make sure there are no cracks or gaps.

  4. Cut back any tree branches or limbs hanging within three feet of your roof. The weight of snow and ice will drag them down and damage your shingles.

  5. Clean out the gutters of leaves and debris and secure any that are loose.

  6. Fill cracks in walks and driveway to prevent heaving.

  7. Turn off and drain all outside hose bibs, sprinkler systems and pool equipment.

  8. Do not cover your air-conditioning compressor. (Although experts differ, it is generally accepted that the compressor unit is designed to be outdoors. Covering it could accelerate rust and corrosion, while providing a home for field mice or chipmunks who cannot forage for food in severe weather and will start nibbling on the wire’s insulation.)

  9. Start your snow blower engine to make sure it will turn on. Spray auger and snow chute with Pam or a lubricant to reduce clogging.

  10. Check the oil in your snowblower. It’s probably a good idea to replace it with fresh 5-W-30 oil, which is a good winter oil that makes your engine easier to start. Replace the spark plug in your snow blower as well.

  11. Buy rock salt or a de-icing compound and store in a convenient and accessible place.

  12. Empty the gas from your lawn mowers gas tank and store the lawn mower in your garage or shed.

  13. Close all vents to your crawl space (if applicable).

  14. If your house has a whole-house fan in the hall ceiling, install a plastic vapor barrier on top of it and then cover it with insulation to prevent heat loss.

  15. Circuit breakers should be tripped and reset every six months to clean the contacts so they don’t oxidize and become useless.

  16. Oil the furnace, boiler motor or circulating pump if required. (Usually a 20-weight oil is best unless otherwise stated.)

  17. Caulk any gaps around windows and doors.

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