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Never Replace Your Roof in Colder Months

Need a New Roof?

This may not be the best time of year to replace or install a new roof.

Newer asphalt and fiberglass shingles have a very thin strip of adhesive, which is concealed by the overlapping shingle. The adhesive keeps shingles from blowing off on windy days.

That adhesive makes the shingles “self-sealing”. When the sun warms up those new shingles, the adhesive causes the overlapping shingle to adhere.

That’s all good, if it works. It will work and work well if the roof shingles are installed when the temperature stays above 40-degrees, the sun is shining, and weather conditions stay that way for a couple of weeks.

An additional problem with installing fiberglass shingles when it’s very cold, they become brittle and crack. That alone, reduces the life of the shingles.

Bottom line: if you absolutely need a roof installed in cold weather, you “may” have issues later. If you can temporarily patch a leak and wait until spring, wait.

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