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Solving Home Mysteries

Occasionally at Technihouse Inspections Inc., we are called out by a frustrated homeowner who has some issue no one seems to be able to figure out. Whether it's the leak that the roofer, or plumber, just can't locate the source of, stopping the ice dams that come back every year, or whatever mystery is eluding all the contractors that have been called out.

Stumped By Your Home's Problem?

Your home is one large system comprised of several smaller systems, understanding how these all work individually, and collectively, is key to providing solutions to these tricky home problems. Just locating the source of the problem is only half the job, at Technihouse we can often help you figure out a fix for it too.

We offer our Investigative Inspection service so homeowners can call upon our years of building experience and expertise to help solve your home's mysteries. Give us a call to get your home on the road to repair, if we can't figure it out there's no charge.

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