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What's the Difference Between a Commercial Inspection and Home Inspection?

Why are commercial inspections different from a home inspection?

Commercial inspections require a lot of different skills and knowledge than that of a home inspection. These are inspections skills we at Technihouse Inspections are proud of.

Large commercial buildings require control joints in the foundation walls every thirty to forty feet. If not in place, the walls, which are usually concrete masonry units (called CMU’s) continually expand for years, even decades and will crack and fail. The commercial inspection not only verifies if control joints are there, but also if maintained.

Many commercial or industrial inspections have roof top units (RTU’s) for heating and air conditioning the building. RTU’s require specialized knowledge to inspect, which Technihouse Inspections, Inc. excels at.

Commercial and industrial buildings usually have a three-phase electrical system, unlike a home inspection where the electrical service is a 110/220 volt service.

Large flat office or warehouse buildings oftentimes have a built-up roof (B.U.R.) or single membrane roofs that require trained observational skills to determine its condition.

Technihouse Inspections, Inc. inspectors have decades of training to lean on when inspecting these kind of buildings. Another major difference between a home inspection and a commercial inspection is that at Technihouse, we thoroughly do a home inspection which covers all major items, and we also nit-pic and report numerous things throughout a home inspection, such as loose drawers, broken hinges, damage to kitchen and bathroom cabinets, damaged walls ,etc. A commercial inspection does require not nit-picking, but concerns itself with the following major issues only such as the condition of the plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, the major structure and roof.

When seeking out your inspector for your residential or commercial property it is important to pick an inspector with experience for the property type you are inspecting.

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